The Awakening of the New Humanity – Paperback


A little book filled with energy for the rebirth of ourselves and for the creation of a New World.

A love story between “adults under 11” written for the Spirit, for the inhabitants of the Stars and for all peopole on Earth who strive for a happy life!
A novel in which the characthers’ stories intertwine in different spatial and temporal dimensions and where clear dreams educate to knowledge and courage.
A guidance for here and now and for the afterlife, written to answer our questions. Where does one start from to be reborn and create a New World? What are the rules, directions and instruments?


Start your growth path now. Where to start form? Love!


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Ci invita ad entrare in una dimensione più appagante dell’esistenza, attraverso quell’amore pieno di purezza che gli adulti spesso dimenticano. – Mirta Jacober


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